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I've never done a triathlon.  How do I train for the Tiger Tri?

Check out the Ozarks Multisport Club at  This local multisport club has many active members who train together and meet regularly.  Beginners are very welcome.  There is usually at least one official Tiger Tri training group each year.  We will post information on those groups in the spring on our website.  You can also find many free training programs on the internet or visit a local bicycle/multisport retailer for direction.

What equipment/clothing do I need to complete a triathlon?

All you really need is a swimsuit, a bike, a helmet, and some shoes.  Most people opt to wear tri shorts so they don’t have to change clothes during the race.  Other items to consider include: sunglasses, a race number belt, sunscreen, a towel at transition, dry clothes for after the race, and goggles.  Please consider patronizing race sponsors.


Are there restrooms on the course?

There are restrooms on the pool deck and we will place a portable toilet near transition.  There are no restrooms on the bike or run course.  There are also restrooms available in the Republic Community Center adjacent to the race site.


Can someone pick up my packet for me the day before the race?

Due to insurance reasons, only the racer can pick up their own packet.  Teams can only get their packets once each member has checked in and shown us an ID.


Will I get the shirt size I request?

If you register for the event by June 30, 2024, you are guaranteed to receive your requested shirt size.  We will always do our best to get you your requested shirt size, and the earlier you register the easier it is for us to order accurate sizes.


Why do you use a pool?  It takes slower swimmers a long time to get in the water.

Pool swims are much safer than open water swims.  In a beginner-oriented race such as the Tiger Tri, safety is our #1 priority.  With the time trial start that pool swims require, it can take an hour for the slowest swimmers to get in the water.  We suggest bringing some water and maybe a snack on the deck and enjoy watching the faster swimmers.


How do you pass in the swim, and what happens if someone won't allow me to pass in the race?

If you catch someone in the swim, you tap their feet several times and they should slide over and allow you to pass.  We have race officials on the pool deck who will make swimmers stop and let others pass if they are causing a bottleneck.  It is critical that you time yourself swimming 300 yards before the race so you get in line at the right time slot.  Those overestimating or underestimating their ability will either pass a lot of people or be passed by a lot of people.  Either way, everyone loses.


What is the bike course like?

It is a rolling course with one challenging climb on Farm Road 101.  You can view a map of the bike course by clicking here.   


What is the run course like?

The run course is a one loop, pancake-flat course with aid stations as you begin the run, at mile 1, and at mile 2.  You can view a map of the run course by clicking here. 


Why do you serve breakfast burritos after the race?  I'd rather have _____.

We've tried several different types of post race food and have found that no matter what we serve, someone will always prefer something else. We offer multiple burrito options (including a veggie breakfast burrito), fresh fruit, granola bars, and several beverage options.

Where do race proceeds go?

Triathlons are expensive to produce, but any profits are distributed between the Ozarks Multisport Club, The City of Republic Parks & Recreation Department, and usually a couple of local non-profit organizations who provide volunteer support.  

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